Croquet announces beta, open source and open standards Metaverse portals

June 21 2022

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Croquet Corporation announced today the availability in open beta of its Microverse World Builder, a development and deployment environment built on Croquet OS that empowers Web and Web3 developers to rapidly deliver interoperable, standards based Metaverse worlds. With Microverse IDE, developers and designers collaboratively build low latency, high performance multiuser Microverse spaces and worlds which can then be published anywhere. Developers can join the beta and get Microverse World Builder today.

The company further announced the availability of its multiplane portal technology. Multiplane portals are a technique developed at Croquet for securely connecting independent 3D virtual worlds developed by different parties, even across different domains. These portals deliver decentralized interoperability among various worlds safely, securely and independent of the large technology platforms. Multiplane portals are available today as a component of Microverse World Builder.

Multiplane portals solve a fundamental problem in the Metaverse with linking web-based worlds in a secure and safe way. Interoperability is one of the core underlying requirements of an open Metaverse and the Croquet solution, based upon open, standards based technologies, provides a global solution for developers and companies who desire independence from the proprietary networks. Croquet received the Auggie Award as Startup to Watch in 2022 at AWE, the most prestigious conference for AR/VR and the Metaverse.

"We have learned a lot from the developers building initial projects with our Microverse World Builder during Alpha," said David A Smith, Founder and CTO of Croquet. "As usual, they have given us great feedback, demanded new features we are rapidly working on and built things we never would have thought of. Use cases range from a virtual digital twin control room for a power plant to theme parks, media, fashion and the emergence of the Metaverse as the 3D web extending consumer and business websites."

Croquet has open sourced its Microverse World Builder Metaverse world builder and certain related components under Apache License Version 2.0. Croquet chose to make its Microverse World Builder available under the popular permissive Apache 2.0 software license to make it as easy as possible for developers and adopters to examine, use and modify the software for their needs.

Croquet is committed to the development and deployment of the true open Metaverse, free of control and restrictions. The company supports the use and development of open standards that will make a fully interoperable, open and scalable Metaverse come to life. With that goal in mind, Croquet has released its Microverse development platform as open source to allow the global developer community to collaborate to create a powerful, scalable, free and open foundation for the future.

In addition, Croquet will release an easy-to-use API and framework that enables portals between all web-based Metaverse worlds, even those not created using the Microverse World Builder. Any developer will be able to utilize multiplane portals to link their worlds to any others that support the new multiplane portal framework, which operates within existing standards and will continue to be developed following collaborative discussion with the community.

"By open-sourcing our Microverse World Builder we give developers the utmost flexibility in realizing their own dreams for the Metaverse," said Dr. Vanessa Freudenberg, Chief Architect of Croquet. "In their Microverse they have complete control of the world mechanics, without having to implement, deploy, or maintain their own interaction servers to make it multiuser. We believe that an open source model will be a powerful force to build a free and open ecosystem for the Metaverse."

While Croquet's OS and its Reflector Network will continue to be offered on commercial terms, Croquet is committed to maintaining the Microverse World Builder world builder as an open source project.

Croquet OS is the open, browser based operating system that unites the web and the Metaverse. The OS loads instantly from any URL or QR code during entry to a virtual world with web, mobile or AR/VR devices. It uses synchronization, live data and persistence services from its globally deployed Croquet Reflector Network to enable ultra low-latency, low-bandwidth shared experiences. Any Metaverse developer can integrate Croquet OS as infrastructure to enable multiuser shared experiences and achieve perfectly synchronized shared social interactions.

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