Croquet OS

Croquet is a software system for creating multiuser digital experiences on the web. It lets you build real-time multiuser apps without writing a single line of server code, or deploying or managing any servers. Croquet OS is available as a JavaScript library that synchronizes Croquet apps using Croquets globally deployed reflector servers and provides seamless cross-platform real-time interactivity to any user with a network connection and a web browser.

While Croquet itself is independent of any specific UI framework, we provide our own frameworks that build on top of it (see below).

  • A blog post about How Croquet Works by our Chief Architect Vanessa Freudenberg
  • Vanessa gave a Keynote Speech at the Dynamic Languages Symposium in 2020
  • Work through a 9-step Game Tutorial to learn how to build a multiuser game
  • Watch a Video Tutorial our engineers gave to the AR/VR Capstone Class 2021 at UW's Reality Lab
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Croquet for Unity

Croquet for Unity was designed to enable complex multiplayer capabilities within Unity without the need to set up servers or write any netcode. It uses the Croquet bit-identical synchronized computation platform written in JavaScript, and a bridge to the Unity application which uses C#. This is a relatively seamless system, though of course it does require you to have a working knowledge of JavaScript and will require some additional setup.

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Worldcore is an entity-management system that sits on top of Croquet. It makes it easier to wrangle large numbers of 3d objects in a multiuser app. Watch Croquet's Chief Creative Officer, Brian, and Chief Architect, Vanessa, discuss the fundamentals of Worldcore for the Experimental Gameplay Workshop at GDC 2021.

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Metaverse Web Showcase

Metaverse Web Showcase is a fully immersive Metaverse world that can be embedded interoperably in any 2D website to dramatically enhance site experiences, improve engagement and increase sales.

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Microverse Builder

The Croquet Microverse Builder is a tool that lets you build shared Metaverse worlds with a few lines of code. It is implemented using the Worldcore engine (see below), which sits on top of the Croquet kernel (see above).

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Croquet Virtual DOM

The Croquet Virtual DOM is a high-level framework that extends the core capabilities of Croquet. It’s a set of tools for writing Croquet applications that use a browser’s DOM as multiuser interface elements. Yoshiki Ohshima gave a talk on Croquet and the live programming functionality built into the Virtual DOM Framework. The talk was in Japanese but you can turn on the English subtitles.

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React Bindings

The Croquet React bindings is a simple framework for using Croquet together with React.js. It allows to write the Croquet's View side code in React that works with the Croquet Model code.

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