Croquet OS is a platform for Metaverse development that extends the Open Metaverse to the next generation of Web and Mobile.

It is a synchronization system for multiuser Metaverse experiences. It allows multiple users to work or play together within a single shared distributed environment, and it guarantees that this distributed environment will remain bit-identical for every user.

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Bit-identical simulation

Croquet OS provides a kernel that enables bit-identical shared simulations between users. Shared virtual machines for bit-identical views for all participants.

Automatic saving the state of the kernel

The state of the shared kernel is automatically saved on a regular basis, along with all events that were used to construct this state. A new user can join the world simply by reading in this shared kernel state and then playing back any event messages that they missed since it was saved. If all the users leave the session, and later rejoin, they will pick up exactly where they left off. Extremely low latency

Time-based OS

The key element of the Croquet OS is that bit-identical time is an essential feature. A shared simulation requires not just that external events are propagated between the instances of the shared VM, but these events have an associated time stamp provided by the Croquet Reflector. This ensures that events occur and are processed at the same virtual time for all participants in a session. Secure event/message distribution

No Backend Development

Applications are structured into a shared and a local part, but both parts are executed locally and developed using only client-side tools. The Croquet library takes care of the rest.

Ultra Low Latency

The Croquet Reflector Network (CRN) provides incredibly fast response time. Our lightweight reflectors can be located right on the edge of the cloud, they provide lower latency than traditional network architectures

Built in Persistence

Protecting all user data across all application versions.