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Getting Started with Croquet for Unity

Lucas Rumney July 27 2023

    Why use Croquet for Unity?

  • Free to use during the development stage of your project.
  • The easiest way to get perfectly synced simulation for physics, actors, and other game state.
  • Don't worry about Server Hosting, because there is no server!
  • With an entry-level understanding of the JavaScript language, you can create a game that supports multiplayer crossplay from the very first line of code.

Try it now!

Try out the latest release of one of our demo projects below.

Learn how it works!

Get your Development Key
Come in and stay a while...
  1. Create an account
  2. Create your development API key in your account dashboard.
  3. Copy the key, you'll paste it into project settings in the next steps.
Grab the Tutorials

Want to learn the basics? — Clone our Unity Tutorials Project.
The README will have the most up to date information to help you get started. Keep that Development Key handy!

Make your own Game!

Ready to get your hands dirty? — Read the Package Installation Instructions in the README.

Want to dive deep? — Documentation and demo overviews are available here.

Make something awesome? — We'd love to see it! Share your creation on Discord in the #show-and-tell channel or tag us on Twitter!

Have Questions?

Ask Questions on our Discord in the #unity channel or report Issues on Github.

What's Next?

We are hard-at-work integrating our system's features into the Unity Editor. Our next release will allow everyone to assemble levels in the Unity Scene Editor itself, making building levels for your game a breeze!

We are also working to provide examples of how to easily and quickly get your players in the same game! We will be providing examples of a Join Code System and a Croquet Lobby System that you can drop into your project to get your game rolling!

Until next time!

Lucas Rumney
Unity Application Engineer

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