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Croquet OS is the First Open Operating System for the Metaverse

May 17 2022

Croquet OS is the only open, browser based operating system that unites the web and the Metaverse. The OS loads instantly from any URL or QR code during entry to a virtual world with web, mobile or AR/VR devices. It uses synchronization, live data and persistence services from its globally deployed Croquet Reflector Network to enable ultra low-latency, low-bandwidth shared experiences. Any Metaverse developer can integrate Croquet OS as infrastructure to enable multiuser shared experiences and achieve perfectly synchronized shared social interactions...

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    Aug 8 2022

    The Metaverse is the Web

    The web has evolved to be the most powerful computing platform in the world. It is not just the natural choice for enabling the Metaverse, it is guaranteed that it will become the de facto winner. Why?

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    Aug 2 2022

    Collaborative AR: Comparing Approaches

    I think Croquet is the best thing I’ve seen in computing over the last 10 or 15 years. It solves some important and massive problems in extremely elegant ways. It really could become a new kind of operating system for the whole Internet...

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    June 13 2022

    Event Routing in the Microverse Framework

    This new framework needs to support new kinds of user interaction idioms that are unique to the multiuser 3D environment. And more notably, it needs to support live programming in a consistent manner...

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    June 6 2022

    Multiplane Portals for the Metaverse

    Multiplane Portals are a technique developed at Croquet Corporation for securely connecting 3D web-based worlds developed by different parties to create the Metaverse from independent microverses...

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    April 29 2022

    Croquet Microverse & Collaborative, Live Programming

    The objects in the Croquet Microverse world are all cards. So this idea of enhancing an object just sounds like a class extension mechanism in object oriented programming languages...

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